It's very easy to upload your tracks. Firstly, files should be in WAV or AIFF format and should not have been converted to a lesser quality (ie resolution or sample rate) - please do not send us MP3 versions! Your files should be as raw as possible please send with with no effects, compression or maximisation. It helps to ensure no plug-ins used have over-levelled at any point and the file sent has had no channels touching the red, lastly a good 6db or so of headroom on the finished file is essential to allow us to do our thing and obtain the best possible audio result.

Please also don't use any compression or other effects on the master out on your desk and ensure no clipping occurs as both of these things will negatively impact how much the mastering engineer will be able to improve your recordings. 

Please mail us at to provide your contact details and your preferred requirements. We will provide you with prices and you can pay easily with debit/credit card or via your account in Paypal, alternatively we can accept a cheque or you make a bank transfer direct to our account.

The easiest way to submit your track is by using or

Please click on the button below to pay by card or via your personal paypal account


Always use a mastering engineer - don't use a 'mix engineer' or recording studio to master your music. Mixing and mastering are not the same thing and require very different skills. Just because someone can do a great mix or record music well, does not mean they can also do great mastering. 

We will master part of your track for free if you are a new client and we are very confident that you will like what you hear and keep coming back for more.



A word of warning! 

Please take note and be very aware that there are a lot of people with websites out there posing as mastering
engineers who often have very little genuine mastering experience, own no 'proper' studio equipment, may well use cracked / pirated software and will quite possibly offer to master an entire album for something like £100. With mastering, as with anything, you get what you pay for. Do you really want to entrust your precious music to someone who may well be operating out of their spare bedroom? Your track is 'your baby' and you should expect the engineer to treat the track with respect and carefully create the optimal sound for it. This outcome can only truly come from a professional, dedicated mastering suite. Don't waste your time and money having to master it twice! If it's too good to be true - it probably is...