'the name on everyone's lips, the sound in everyone's ears...'

Fullrange Mastering is an independent, high-end mastering facility dedicated to producing the highest possible sonic standards coupled with the laid back vibe of the south coast. Fullrange is nestled within the infamous Skint Records complex found in the creative and bustling city of Brighton.

Here at Fullrange we have an in-depth industry knowledge and huge love for a vast range of music stretching back many years. Our musical experience is incomparable, each track  we receive is lovingly crafted and treated as an individual piece of music in its own right. Styles from across the musical spectrum have benefited from the objective ear and magical touch of our mastering skills.

We understand that attention to detail can never be compromised even when tight deadlines and fast turnarounds are a necessity. Our illustrious reputation outshines most and we provide a second to none service to an eclectic range of music industry artists and labels worldwide who return to us time after time.

 For details of our prices please send your enquiry to: studio@fullrangemastering.com